IMAB027 is a first-in-class monoclonal antibody selectively binding to the cell surface protein Claudin-6 (CLDN6) which is present in a wide range of cancers, including testicular, ovarian, uterine, and lung cancers. A key advantage of IMAB027 is that CLDN6 is an embryonic antigen which is absent from healthy adult tissue. This unmatched tumor cell specificity of CLDN6 makes IMAB027 a cancer cell selective drug allowing it to efficiently kill tumor cells without harming healthy non-cancerous cells.

IMAB027 efficiently binds and destroys CLDN6 positive human cancer cells in vitro. In vivo models engrafted with CLDN6 positive cancer cells have significant reduction in tumor growth and an improved survival benefit when treated with IMAB027, indicating a strong anticancer activity.

Ganymed completed a Phase I clinical trial (OVAR) to assess the efficacy and safety of IMAB027 as single agent in patients with advanced ovarian cancer ( Identifier: NCT02054351). Phase II studies will be initiated end of 2016.