IMABs: Ideal Monoclonal Antibodies

Most anticancer drugs presently on the market or under development exhibit undesirable side effects due to targets that are expressed in healthy tissues. They cannot be given at optimal dose and have a narrow therapeutic window. Consequently, these anticancer drugs end up having weak anticancer potency to avoid target-related side effects.

Ganymed’s IMABs are based upon the pioneering work of Dr. Özlem Türeci and Prof. Ugur Sahin in the field of translational oncology and tumor immunology. These antibodies bind to cancer-selective targets that are predominantly expressed in tumor cells and show little or no expression in healthy tissue. This unique cancer-cell selectivity of IMABs allows for maximal high-precision anticancer potency while mitigating the threat of toxicity. They can be administered at optimal dose and have a broad therapeutic window. IMABs can be engineered as "unlabelled", ADC or bispecific format.

Since Ganymed’s IMABs have unmatched tumor cell specificity, and safety profile, they hold the promise of reduced risk of side effects and greater efficacy than current best-of-class antibody products.